A Guide to Savvy, Carreer Minded Woman’s Dress Codes – Semi Formal

How to dress semi formal to a dinner?

I have just came back from a business trip. Next to long days and spending most of the day inside a hotel/congress centre it could happen you get an invitation for a dinner with this rather vague party dress code – semi formal.

What is semi formal dress code?

At first you can panic a little but actually it is more easy than you think. The semi formal dress code is used for events that are in between formal and informal. Thus semi-formal dress is less formal than black-tie dress but more formal than cocktail attire.

Lanvin blue dress / LIU JO blue cardigan / Gianvito Rossi block heel shoes / Hermès zip lock bag / Chanel eyeshadow / Chanel lipstick / Chanel perfume fragrance / Chanel nail polish / Sleek Made-To-Order Glass Jewellery by Red Point Tailor

How to dress semi formal?

  • If you packed your ‘little black dress’ – you are save. Make sure it is a knee length (range from just above the knee to just under the knee).
  • Make sure the color suits the time of the event. This means darker colors for dinner/evening events and lighter for events organize during the day light.
  • Choose dress which fits the best your body type. This will assure you will look stunning, elegant and sophisticated – always.
  • Take a small evening bag/clutch that matches your outfit. It is not only elegant but more convenient than carrying shopper.
  • Go for high heels but with a low sole. If you wear stocking – make sure you have an extra pair.
  • Style your hair elegantly and don’t forget your make-up.
  • Your outfit would not be completed without sleek glass jewellery. Check Red Point Tailor made-to-order collection for inspirations. Each piece is as unique as you are.

Keep it simple and you will always look stunning on your upcoming parties.

Did you receive invitation with other vague party dress code and would like to know what does it mean? Just let me know!

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