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A Guide to Savvy, Carreer Minded Woman’s Dress Codes – Christmas Lunch

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See how the world sees you. It’s my gift to you!

You probably know how you see the world. But do you know how the world sees YOU?
How can you make the best possible first impression? How is your personal brand most likely to be seen by others… at your best? 

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8 Strategies Super-Successful High Achievers Use Every New Year

More than 30 thought leaders, influencers, and high achievers all share their top strategies for starting the year off with a bang. 

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Science Behind the Goal-Setting

And you know – there is a science to setting successful goals. In her blog Vanessa Van Edwards – the lead investigator at Science of People, is talking about how to set your goals effectively and then proactively achieve them. 

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Let me tell you a story

Tribe Writers is an online course that helps frustrated bloggers break through. And if you’re feeling stuck, not sure what to do next, you can trust this proven process. 

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