There’s a saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

I used to think that was a “loser’s lament.”

You know, a way of saying, “Poor pitiful me. I can’t get ahead in life, or in business, because I don’t know the right people.”

Somebody call the “waaaaaaah-mbulance,” right?

Not so fast.

The fact is, in the right context, this “lament”is true.

It really IS who you know.

When it comes to getting your kids into the right schools, “who you know” is really important.

When you need to get the bid for a job or project, and there IS stiff competition, “who you know” can make ALL the difference.

And when it comes to getting the “insider’s secrets” in the arcane underworld of marketing and copywriting, “who you know” can make the difference between your soaring success… Or your humiliating failure.

For instance: do you think your business MIGHT be more successful if you could spend a week or two with the best marketers and million-dollar copywriters, picking their brains? Asking them every question that comes to your mind about how to grow your sales and profits? Getting their best ideas, so you can use those ideas to pump up your profits?

“Sure,” you might think. “But I don’t know ANY people like that. None of those people would even take my phone call.”

Good thing for you that I know somebody who DOES have their phone numbers… And those people will take this guy’s call.

I’m talking about world-class copywriter and teacher Ray Edwards. (Michael Hyatt calls him “the best copywriting teacher on the planet.”)

And Ray has put together an incredible gift for you and me…

He’s managed to get the top copywriters and marketers together, and give you their highest-leverage ideas and concepts… FREE.

It’s a 10-day Copywriting Virtual Summit, featuring top players like Perry Marshall, Bob Bly, John Carlton, Daniel Levis, Ben Settle, Ryan Levesque, Jeff Walker, ME and many more!

Claim your FREE ACCESS to the Copywriting Virtual Summit now, before it’s too late.

The best part is, this is a VIRTUAL summit… Which means it’s online.

No travel. No airfare. No hotel. No jet lag. No expense.

And this is NOT one of those things where everybody “pitches” or “sells” something. In fact, none of Ray’s guests (myself included) are selling anything.

They ARE answering Ray’s questions, as he systematically dismantles the way they think about marketing and copywriting… Uncovering their “unconscious competencies”… The patterns these masters may not even recognize THEMSELVES.

Ray asks these guys and gals seemingly innocent questions, and he quietly begins unwinding each copywriting and marketing master’s core beliefs and uncommon practices.

And you can hear ALL the interviews – including mine, AND listen to Ray’s after-the-action analysis, and EVEN get Ray’s final “Master’s Manifesto Keynote”… Where he will share his notes, “belief map,” and practical processes he extracted from these remarkable conversations.

So he not only takes the notes, he even INTERPRETS the notes for you, and shows you how to put the “Master System” to work.

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This is like getting a Master’s education in copywriting and marketing, handed to you, gift-wrapped, and with a bow on top.

Even BETTER… It’s like knowing “all the right people,” who can help you grow your business and level up your income.

But there’s ONE little catch… The Copywriting Virtual Summit is a live, one-time-only event, and it starts tomorrow, September 21st.

And you certainly don’t want to miss the “Opening Session”… Because this is the session where Ray conducts a one-hour “mind-meld” with Marketing genius Jay Abraham.

This incredibly unique, concept-changing, intellectual roller-coaster-ride WILL change the way you think about marketing and copywriting.

Register now, so you don’t miss the Jay Abraham opening session.

Keep in mind, this is a summit that is ONLINE, and it is 100% FREE to access… But you have to do it NOW, or you might miss it.

Remember, it IS sometimes “who you know” – and now, thanks to Ray Edwards, you and I both know “all the right people.”

We’ve got a “secret pass” to slip into the “old boy’s club,” and learn all their hard-won copywriting and marketing secrets.

The whole, exciting, profit-producing enchilada gets served up starting tomorrow, September 21.

Don’t miss out: register now for the free online copywriting summit.

To Your Success!

PS – When this is over, I predict it will become one of those “Internet classics,” coveted and “traded” on the torrent sites. But there’s no need to just HOPE you can “find it” some dark day in the future… Not when you can get the whole thing, all 30 interviews, for FREE.

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