Today on the agenda – must haves saving you time!

You’ve probably noticed – the days are getting shorter! It’s more difficult to wake up/get up. You just want to stay in bad for a little longer. Snooz, snooz, snooz ….

What a great feeling knowing that you can hit the snooze button once again. It’s important to be rested – especially on Monday’s. Having few must haves in your wardrobe will give you this extra minutes to rest.

Great must haves as a black pencil skirt, a white top and a dark cardigan will make you not only look professional but let you save time in the morning.

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The whole outfit wouldn’t be complete without accessories accentuating your authentic personality. This  week I will show you different business attire styling inspirations accessorized with Modern Glass Jewellery – Waddenzee – Earrings and Pendant.

P A R O S H sheer top / Glamorous white tank top / Joseph black coat / Givenchy skirt / Giorgio Costa black handbag / Giorgio Armani tote bag / Manolo Blahnik BBR90 kid leather / Modern Glass Jewellery - Waddenzee – Earrings and Pendant by Red Point Tailor

By Red Point Tailor

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