Weekend Reading – DARING TO DREAM ONCE AGAIN: It’s Never Too Late! by Dinah Lin

Dinah Lin is living proof it’s never too late…for anyone. Now in her 70s, she has become a published author and begun a new career. Daring to Dream Once Again shares her amazing journey—spanning seven decades and six countries.

What was it like growing up in a small town in Ohio as the only Asian family and living in Asia for fifteen years raising two young children? How did she make the transition from housewife and social hostess to the senior executive levels in both corporate American and in Washington, D.C., then leave everything behind to move to Beijing for a decade?

Her story is filled with courage, determination and perseverance–and dreaming the impossible dream. You will discover yourself on these pages as you learn from her.

Dinah shares her stories and life lessons with candor and insight. After reading her book you’ll learn to look for the opportunities in your own challenges and crises; you’ll gain courage to listen to the wisdom of your heart, and you’ll be inspired to reach for your own dreams and to know it’s never too late!

By Red Point Tailor

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