Today on the agenda – simple elegant office attire!

You can always count on a Little Navy Dress. You will look elegant and professional. You will radiate with confidence. No-one will be able to say NO to you. What’s more with this office outfit you are ready for any unexpected network meeting after office hour. This simple elegant office attire will make your day. Enjoy your day!

The whole outfit wouldn’t be complete without accessories accentuating your authentic personality. This  week I will show you different business attire styling inspirations accessorized with Modern Glass Jewellery – Waddenzee – Earrings and Pendant.

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Velvet pencil dress / Joseph black coat / High heel shoes / Emilio Pucci leather handbag / Giorgio Armani clutch / Leather glove / Modern Glass Jewellery - Waddenzee – Earrings and Pendant by Red Point Tailor
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PS. Need a business styling advice which enhance your look amplifying your self-confidence? Just get in touch!

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