'I turn pieces of 'a shredded glass ceiling' into unique glass art.'

Life can get pretty hectic. Rushing out the door for your morning commute, meetings all day and dinner afterwards, social engagements and family events… You want to look your best at all these occasions, but who really has time for extensive shopping sprees every season?

Now imagine this: as you’re getting ready in the morning, you put on some classic earrings and a matching bracelet. After work, you add a distinctive necklace from the same collection. And just like that, you’re ready for a night out on the town. Easy!

Red Point Tailor designs sleek glass jewelry made entirely to order. The result: mix-and-match pieces that are just as unique as you are.

 Let your personality take center stage!


Beautiful blues! The lovely earrings arrived very quickly from across the ocean.


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