"I love to challenge others and be challenged by them in return. I use my creativity to inspire, motivate and empower women to create the career and the life they love."

Beata Adamczyk, founder, Red Point Tailor

encourage busy women to embrace a simple, mindful life.

I founded Red Point Tailor because I wanted to use my creative abilities, experience and knowledge to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower you – to help you find your own sense of freedom so you can live a more fulfilled life.

Under the label Red Point Tailor, I design and create unique and elegant jewellery inspired by the simplicity of the Art Deco period.
My goal is to make savvy, career minded women feel elegant, smart and feminine … and utterly fabulous!

I choose to work with glass because I believe it reflects the best in a professional woman’s character: it’s both strong and fragile, and every piece is unique.

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PS. The story behind the name?

A friend of a friend owned a white cat with a red-tipped tail, aptly named Red Point Tailer. My grandfather was a tailor, so somehow we came up with … the Red Point Tailor. Just for a little fun!

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